15 September, 2018

I Believe

There are things, values that we find very important and dear to us. These things that we believe in are the same things that we live for and if the time comes, will fight for. And eventually, we'd like to instill and pass these on to our children, or future kids in my case, because we know that these will help guide them and make them the best persons that they can be.

I was so inspired by these Daily Prompts from Daily Post. The discovery of them from Elizabeth's ( such a wonderful gal ) Monday Motivation posts came at a good time. I was going through some rough patches the past couple of days. I don't want to entertain the negativity and I'm just glad to have discovered Daily Posts. I needed to find something that would help channel in the good vibes.

Believe. Believe. Believe.

1) Education makes a difference.
I believe that education is non-negotiable and I have so much respect for those who may not have enough but still work their way to be able to go to school. The journey to finishing school is a looooong one and a killer. Yet at the finish line, you reap the benefits. People will debate on what I just said, but for me, education is a must.

My Mom & Dad have always told my brother and I that our education is the best gift that they could give us. They'd always tell us that no one can take this away from us. I'm glad that both my parents saw education as an investment and they did ensure that we'd get the best. I will always be grateful for that. We were pushed, constantly reminded, and always guided to ensure that we finish school without getting into any of those teenage troubles ( probably one of the greatest fears of any parent ) — my Mom made sure of that. I sometimes wonder if I can do the same, but what I do know is how I will do everything in my powers ( in the future ) to give my children the same kind of education ( or even a better one ) that my parents gave me.

2) Be good in doing good.
I believe that we should always have the courage and the integrity to think good and do good to ourselves, to others, to strangers, to our communities. While it may not always be a walk in the park, it's up to find this courage to do what is right despite challenges, hard times, competition, and temptation. And yes, our intentions also count. While it is easier said than done, bear in mind there's karma. It's there, it works full time, and it happens. What you think and what you do to others, whether good or bad, it comes back to you.

I have always loved how novelist George Eliot puts it, "Our deeds still travel with us from afar, and what we have been makes us what we are." Integrity is something that I have given much value — a person with integrity will do good even when no one is watching. For me, a person who possesses integrity is honest, trustworthy, accountable, and dependable. Someone with integrity won't just work on doing what is right but will also ensure that others are treated with respect.

3) Things happen for a reason.
I believe that there are no accidents. The events in our lives whether pleasant or not, the people we meet and the people who leave us — they all happen to prepare us for something. It's as if they have been purposely designed for us. We may not immediately know why but eventually, we will know why something happened the way it did. I've experienced this so many times. It never fails to wow me whenever I backtrack on events in my life and realize that this happened so I'd know how to deal with this one. Or I didn't get this because there was a better opportunity coming. My classic example would be the first time I had to break-up with someone I really liked. It was painful but it was inevitable.

Here's the break-up back-story.
I just got out of class and was walking back to my unit when I saw the car of college boyfriend ( at that time ) exit from the drive-thru of McDonald's. I noticed that there was someone on the passenger seat. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I thought that it may have been his mom who was the head of the College of Psychology in the university where I went to. The car stopped because it was a red light and that's when I witnessed the female passenger lean to give him a peck on the cheek. After that, she gave him french fries. At that same moment, I called him to ask where he was and he said that he was in class. My world crumbled and that was the first time I experienced that.

The whole scene was like something that happens in movies. Boy, was I devastated. I remember crying so hard until there were no more tears in my eyes. It was just terribly and exquisitely painful. Back then there were no words to describe the pain. I just wanted it to stop and knowing that the only person who could make it stop is the same prick who caused it. Thankfully, I got myself together which surprisingly happened after 1 day. I saw what a wreck I was on the mirror ( lol ). The me that I saw was a disaster and it was just not worth being like that over a guy.

That first break-up taught me well about relationships and endings. I promised myself that I didn't want to go through that horrible pain ever again. I won't let it happen to me a second time. Ever since, I've been more careful with the men I dated and I learned to always put myself first before them. I went through the process and if I'd see anyone go through the same stuff, I can confidently say that it's 'survivable' and that everything will be alright. The next relationship after that lasted for 10 years. While it should have been more heartbreaking, I didn't feel like it was the end-of-the-world because this time around, I knew exactly what to do to shine through those gray clouds that heartaches bring.

The blog prompt is called  I Believe  and the homework is to write about three ( 3 ) things that you believe in your heart to be true. You're also supposed to write about three things you believe in your heart to be false. However, for this post I didn't do the latter.

Your turn, what three things do you believe in that you'd like to pass on to your children?
☮..Peace + ❥_Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.

On complaining and some thoughts on gratitude

On complaining and gratitude

I'm on the fourth assignment in Celes' Gratitude Journal Challenge. I'm a bit behind but it should still be okay. You know what they say, "Better late than never."Ö I wasn't able to do this for 14 straight days, but I'm still doing it anyways. The task-at-hand is simple: Reflect on gratitude and its place in our lives.

One of the reasons why I love the blogging communities that I'm part of, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter ( most people have become more responsible now ) more than Facebook is because my feed does not get bombarded with gripes, complaints, rants, and fault-finding posts. This isn't a holier-than-thou statement. I'm sure you've had your share of Facebook dramas on your news feed. We all have at least 1 woe-to-me FB friend who incessantly complains as if he or she is the only person who has problems in this worlds. This has become one of my social media pet peeves simply because all the unnecessary hate and drama are not healthy. I have ignored some, others I have un-followed.

I'm not saying that we should always have something to post. I make a conscious effort to watch what I post on social media. Although very rare, I've had moments when I just felt that I needed to vent out. But to be chronic complainer is a different story. Diba? Minsan, ang OA lang ng iba. I'm sure you've encountered people who love to complain, rant, complain, rant, and complain — both online and offline. It is this kind of culture that easily made me see what gratitude is in my life.

What does the word gratitude mean to you?
It's simple: Gratitude is about not taking anything or anyone for granted. Gratitude has to be expressed and shown in the present and not when it's too late.

Why is it important to practice gratitude in your life?
It's important to practice gratitude because it makes you the bigger person and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you're able to show that you value a colleague. It brings you joy knowing that you're able to show your mom or your dad that you appreciate all that they do. There's a fulfillment when you're able to give recognition to that hardworking person in your team who's made your group shine. And, despite challenges and setbacks at work, which are perfectly normal, you go home with a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have a job that brings good food on your dining table, a job that gives you the means to visit other countries, a job that opens doors for more opportunities.

3 things that I'm grateful for today are:
›  I recently made a big purchase for my Mom and it's fulfilling to see her genuinely happy because of this gift.
›  I am waiting for something but I don't know if I'll ever get it. Nevertheless, the spark of hope that I get from it brings me joy.
›  It feels great when you know that your thoughts and your words matter to important people.

What three things are you thankful for today?
☮..Peace + ❥_Love + Happy Vibes. RUSS.

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01 September, 2018

A simple and effective method to get rid of corn

Some time in February, just before my trip to Singapore, I was in pain. I was irritable because I was limping and it was annoying. I had this pain on my left foot which I think must have been there for about 2-3 months. It was bearable for a while so the thing that I usually do is to wait for it to heal on its own. I was never a fan of taking medicines and I believe that our bodies have their own system of healing naturally. I didn't care about until I started feeling this sharp, burning pain. It was so intense that I couldn't wear shoes and found walking extremely difficult.

That was the tipping point for me. I knew that despite my belief in natural healing, I needed to see a doctor to tell me whatever it was the was causing the pain. I met with 2 medical professionals on separate occasions — it was difficult to look for a doctor who'd check on me on a Sunday. I don't understand why most doctors here in the Philippines hold their clinics on weekdays. Boo. What about folks like me who only have 1-day weekends? Boo again. I super wish that we had online medical consultation services available here in PH.

Pretty Feet.

The source of the pain.
Doctor #1 is a Dermatologist and she said that all the discomfort I was feeling was caused by 2 corns on the sole of my left foot. I had no idea what they were til that afternoon. This was the first time that I had them. Don't get confused here, a corn is different from a callus. Both of them do have that hardened skin but a corn has this hard core that presses on either a bone or your nerves. Pressure and friction usually cause the pain. The visit to Doctor #1 was a long overdue but was rather a waster of time. She wasn't so helpful and it was frustrating to have paid her Php 500 for talking to me for 3-minutes. I asked for a medicine or any cream that I could put on it to help relieve the pain but I got nothing from her.

The only solution she says, is to undergo this procedure called Electrocauterization. I don't like the down times of medical procedures and knowing my tolerance for pain & how I am afraid of scars, I had to know what I was getting into. I looked Electrocautery up in Google and watched several videos on how the procedure is done — boy was I set to find alternatives to it. • [ Read More: eMedicine ]

How do people get corns?.
My Mom thinks that corns are normal. She had this dialogue about how people get them at one point or so in their lives. I'm pretty sure that was her trying to make me feel better OR she was in denial that I was begging her to take me to the ER because of that time that I couldn't walk. That's when I saw Doctor #2.

In my case, he says that it must have been the shoes that I often wear for work. Guilty. Last year, I bought pairs of pointy heels in different colors. I have always worn heels in my 10 years of working, but they have always been peep toe pumps, round pumps, or these high heeled sandals mdash; what's common is that there were breathing room, there was no pressure, and they were comfortable even if I walked around. It was the exact opposite with pointy heels. What am I to do? I am just a girl who loves shoes and I happen to have fallen in love with several wrong pairs. It sucks.

The remedy that worked for me

I endured the pain for close to 4 months. It took 1 night for the pain to go away without having to take the pain reliever prescribed by Doctor #2. I never even used the cream that he asked me to apply on the corns. Here comes the best part. Amazingly, the hardened skin peeled off in just 4 nights of diligently treating those corns the holy grail of natural home remedies: Apple Cider Vinegar ▶▶▶▶▶▶▶

I did not have to spend tens of thousands for Electrocautery, which would have been an easy 25 grand but that is not the main thing that I was trying to dodge. I really didn't like the downtime. Doctor #1 said I couldn't do my workouts for at least 3 weeks and that really discouraged me from having the procedure done. You'd find tons of other home treatments but I think the ACV method is the easiest and most convenient. How to?

» You only need 3 items: ACV, Cotton, and Cloth Duct Tape
» Make sure your feet are clean and dry before doing this. I use a hair dryer to quickly dry mine, lol.
» Soak cotton balls enough to cover the corn(s) in Apple Cider Vinegar.
» The damp cotton must be left overnight. Secure the cotton by using your cloth duct tape.
» Repeat every night until the corn's healed. You just have to be patient about it.

They say Bragg is the best ACV there is because it's unfiltered. Unfortunately, this particular brand is not sold in grocery stores in the Philippines. I bought mine from Cathy R. via Ensogo. The 473mL bottle costs Php560 ( approx $11.75 ) + shipping fee. My bottle arrived on the fourth day when I first started my home treatment. There were 2 other ACV brands that I used: Heinz and American Garden. Both are sold in big supermarket chains in Manila.

The ACV method worked for me, but I do have to remind you that if this happens to you in the future and you intend to follow the same method, you have to this with caution. If you are a lot braver than I am, you should still consult with a medical professional. Most of all, don't be like me. Make sure your kicks fit you well, after all, prevention is still the better than any cure.  ☮ Peace + ❥ Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.

Image Credit: @VintageMarketP