28 November, 2012

Time is something that we should give more often

I had to be extra anal today and had this urge to jot down all parties, events, and get-togethers that I have been invited to in December. My usually wild schedule looked like it was going to be more intense. I felt a wave of excitement wash over me, BUT if someone would ask me to rate the awesomeness of 2012, a double 0 ain't enough. This year sucked and I could only wish for 2013 to fast forward itself to now.


As I write this, I vow to exert extra effort to be patient. It will be 2013 in a matter of days weeks. Time will fly quickly. Days are shorter, but the things that need to be accomplished become endless. I admit that sometimes I worry that something is going to be missing. The world continues to get smaller ( not in the literal sense my friends ) and time is still one of the most precious things. Each day, especially when I notice how people age, it seems that we have so little of it. Life is short. And as for time, I sometimes keep trying to find more, seeing how I might make some.

The situation that my parents are in taught me the importance of strength in whatever we relationship we are in. Someone that I used to be with always talked about how people need to be fully present. Even if I want to disagree with that statement, I must say that the time ( this means that you're not just there physically, but you're present and not staring at your phone ) we spend with our loved ones is the best gift that we can give the people closest to our hearts.

Time used to be something so big, unending, so forward moving, but really ... it isn't. Time isn't an unbending road. TIME would be moments with our loved ones ... all chained together. It is the most valuable thing in each of our lives that is worth sharing with others. And for me, that alone makes life more meaningful and more beautiful.

When was the last time you spent time with a person or the people you hold dearest in your heart?
Peace + ❥ Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.