09 December, 2012

A roller coaster ride

It's a little too easy for me to get used to a gray sky, as if a habit forms. Next thing I know, I find myself planning for dreary days almost without end. I am trying to pass time. The sadder part is I do not know if I have switched it off. I have no clue. It feels like the rattle of a roller coaster. It's the worry of giving out that will wear me down. I like my feelings and my feet in one place standing, firmly planted on the ground.

I don't have to be smiling, but I certainly do not like being twisted, turned and up-side down... roller coaster... never paid for that ride, never asked for it either. Just how will I get off? Oh man. Roller coasters are supposed to be in lush green places under bright blue skies + in places where people have happy smiles, and summer sun shines down. They don't belong inside people during a rainy season or something and making them feel all out of control.

I also feel that I should say out of the dreary old gray, some unexpected thing goes right. Something happens that is good, fine, and just as it should be. It ain't a lotto win or a grand present. It's just something that went nicely, a really beautiful thing with a little bit more. There is a person who is treating me like a princess and he acts with fairness. I should not be surprised, but I am.