13 February, 2013


The heavens must have been playing a huge joke on me. Smack, almost in my face are rose-infested way bigger than life L.O.V.E. artwork of some sort at Manila Hotel. My initial reaction was: I wanted to barf. Say hello to Little Miss Jaded Russ. So, contrary to what my ex-friends were saying about how I dealt with the end of an era slash a 10-year relationship with an old love, I do not regret anything. I don't owe any of them an explanation because for me, they will never understand what it's like. Heck, they were never in my shoes and I doubt if they'll ever have something close to that.

My Mom called me this morning and told me that she's happy to see that I grew up to become a very brave and strong lady, way tougher and more fierce than what she thought I'd be. If you take with you lessons from your own experiences and that of others, growing up to be a fighter becomes a natural thing.

LOVE has already taken a different meaning from what I think it was when I was 5- 10- 13- 17- 20- 23- and 23-again. I still believe in love but I've stopped believing in marriage.

Let me share thirteen ( 13 ) GV lessons that I’ve picked up through the years. I can almost hear one of my friends saying that I’m really jaded, but that’s okay—that’s me, for now.Ü I have learned that ..

01. Mom’s words will soothe any kind of wound, no matter how screwed up things have been
02. Children should be taught that the world is not perfect
03. The earlier that kids learn about how unfair this world is, the better
04. Problems that life throws at us cannot be solved by happy-go-lucky times with friends
05. Our real strengths come out when we are thrown out of our comfort zones
06. Deep down, we really know what we want. On most days, we’re just too scared to admit it.
07. The people we love are not perfect all the time
08. The people you’ve been all your life are not exactly the ones you need
09. Genuine support even from strangers is amazingly, astoundingly priceless
10. When in love, never forget to love yourself
11. Be your own hero and;
12. As long as you’re not stepping on anybody ... live life YOUR way, to hell with others think
13. The present moment is really all we have, be there and enjoy whatever it is
It’s a good feeling to be content and happy knowing that despite setbacks, we have so much more to be grateful for.
My mind’s set to being more mindful about the life I am living and how it affects the people around me + the habits that building and fixing & the impact it has to the greater good. Today, I know that I still blessed and am very much thankful for it. Life is still good despite inconveniences and temporary heartaches.

As for love - I like it more in the movies. It's um, less complicated. ...let's leave it at that for now.