03 February, 2013


For this trip, Crimson Mactan was my temporary home. It's not so bad, but it ain't so great either, but I won't say why. There'd be another time for that or you can ask me b. *GRINS* Setting my standards aside, Crimson Mactan is a lovely place. If I'd be back in Cebu, I'd consider staying here again.Ü Food's good, the entire place is clean & well-maintained. The villas are beautiful and private. In fact, some even come with private mini-plunge pools.  Anyone who comes here will be immediately transported to relaxation mode and you just get this assurance that you will enjoy your vacation. Isn't that nice? But wait til you read what I'm going to say next :)
I commend their staff and crew for being courteous and for always having genuine smiles on their faces. I also noticed how they put a lot of value and for understanding customer service. I was really impressed with how they ensure that guests' enjoy their stay. I like how the experience did not stop at the drop-off point or at the lobby and it isn't limited to the meals served or the luggage that was brought to your villa.
If you come here, you need to make sure that you will not leave the resort without trying the coffee at Saffron — way better than what's served in Starbucks & Seattle's best. The food here is better than what I expected, really good :)

034 of 365
I woke up this morning, decided to take a walk before brekky. Th sight before my eyes — it was both serene and gorgeous + it's here in the Philippines. I was telling P that I am thisclose to wanting to live in Cebu. It has the best of 3 worlds: you can live in the city but be at the beach or up in a mountain in an hour's worth of travel by land.  ❥ __R.

  4 Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippine Cebu City 6015