12 February, 2013


043 of 365
“We love aged wine and distressed furniture, so why do we not appreciate the same features in people?”
~ a birthday something that I randomly found on the web
Someone's turning a year older ( and wiser again ) tomorrow and I am totally positively present :)
Although I did change my mind pseudo last minute about having a big celebration this year — deep inside I felt that the party that I have been wanting to have for years will have to be done on another year. Both my heart and mind are somewhat not into it right now. The South Girl in me prefers the chillax vibe. So tonight, I was happy to have a glass of wine with me. 

Tomorrow will be a come-what-may thing and it won’t matter so much.

We’ve gotten several big events in the pipeline. Carefree days are still there, but I’d rather be some place quiet. It’s a tricky turn, but no regrets because growing up and growing older have been fun.