19 May, 2013

Meet the Jujus #JuiceCleanse

It has been more than 3 weeks since I first tried Juju Cleanse's drinks. My very first "Juju Moment" was when I learned that Juju Eats delivers via City Delivery and I also found out that the juices are available in 250-ml bottles, how convenient! I initially wanted to do a LEVEL-1 Cleanse to see if I can last or if my body can take it. I wasn't ready yet to do a 3-day cleanse and just fail.

For the record, I've already tried all their juices & I'm hooked. I am confident that I can do not just LEVEL-1, but do LEVEL-2 and not cheat. I don't think this is a fad diet or something that's just trending. Many people have been looking for healthy and healthier alternatives, which are not exactly easy to find here in the Philippines. In 2009, I tried to follow a meal plan by Chalene Johnson - I stopped early on because a lot of the ingredients were so hard to find & my choices were limited. Today, I'm glad that this healthy niche market is growing and we are starting to have more options. Anyways, Juju Cleanse has several juices and I was able to try three ( 3 ) so far. If you want to try them out first, just like what I did — you can't go wrong with these 3. You can read about their other product offerings at www.jujucleanse.com

 Juju #1: Atomic Carrot 
Scary! I was so sure that it will not taste good, but it sure did surprise me. The carrot was its most dominant flavor, but it was hands down very easy to drink and I love it! It gets more refreshing when you drink it with a lot of ice.

 Juju #2: Spicy Limonada 
Cayenne Pepper + Lemonade + Coconut Water. The taste is fine with a bit of hit in it. It brings this soothing feeling. It tastes good, too. You also get an extra kick in the middle of the day. I like the Spicy Limonada with a tons of ice.

 Juju #3: Nutty Vanilla 
This one has Cashew + Honey. Nutty Vanilla is the easiest to drink amongst all of 'em. I like how it made me feel full - and not disgustingly full. I usually drink this in the evening, as soon as I get home from work.

I have a few more to share about these juices, which I will do on another day. You have yet to know what a challenge the Red Giant was. What's in it for me? Overall, integrating them into my diet has been beneficial. 
1) It helped stopped my chips + chocolates cravings.
2) I no longer feel bloated.
3) I've been getting a lot of much-needed extra energy.
4) I also noticed that my skin's extra smooth — my Mom and some friends said that my skin looked radiant. YES!!!
5) I did lose 7.7 pounds, but since weight loss is just a short-term goal, this was my bonus.

Have you ever tried doing a juice cleansing or juicetox? Did you like it?
☮..Peace + _Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.


Patricia Cuyugan said...

I've been wanting to try Juju Cleanse, but I really can't afford to add more stuff to our monthly expenses just yet. Hay, sana soon! In the meantime, think I'll also just try to make an effort to prepare healthier meals at home, since I eat at home 90% of the time anyway. :)

xo Patty

[vayie] said...

But I heard it's expensive, right? I read about this from Patty Laurel's blog, been fascinated about it eversince.

Ricademus said...

These sound intersting, but no more cleansing for me (for a while)! :)

Ricademus said...

About battle plan #1: It really annoys me when people who do not know me well make an assumption and think they "know me" based on one comment or piece of information. Such arrogance!!!

It's a pet peeve.

R. ✩ said...

Now I'm interested. You're the first guy that I know who's done cleansing. Seriously, have you?