30 June, 2013


Once upon a time, before Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook .... we all ( or most of us ) used to spend tons of time in Friendster, which was fun while it lasted. I chanced upon JA's notes, which according to her, I made a note about my testimonials. I tried to log-in to Friendster. Unfortunately I cannot remember my log-in e-mail address. I cannot remember my password, too. Picking up from JA's notes, I went through a couple of my old notes and tada!! I found it.Ü This one was inspired by one of my favorite people, BENNY

Some of the testimonials speak of someone that I used to be with. Let's not make a big fuss out of it. I cannot do anything to change my past, can I? This one's all for good ol' Friendster fun, kk? Enjoy ... and if you can find your first 20 "testis", why not share it too? :)

First Posted: April 24, 2010
My First 20 Friendster Testimonials.
Inspired by BENNY. More like, gaya-gaya kay Ben.Ü The idea came from GRINGO BENEDICTO. Remember that other social networking site? Well, it's nice to look back. All these were written seven years ago! Ack! ☀ Here they are, my first 20 testimonials in Friendster ─ it was even a miracle that I was able to log in .. I couldn't remember my password! It's been that loooong. 
Bianca Sep 17 2003, 09:47 AM
my twin back in high school! same clothes, same handwriting, same favorites, halos lahat pareho! we conquered major breakthroughs in teenage life together.. from exams to crushes, from first boyfriends to personal problems. :p a little girl who dreams big and loves big time. miss you russ! 
Francinne Sep 18 2003, 04:50 AM
good things come in small packages - beybi russ is the little sister with big advices. she eats like anything and yet manages to eat some more. her handwriting is so microscopic that you'd rather not borrow her notes (but dang those notes are really complete) her tiny letters are so artistic you wouldn't want to read them. town center has not been the same without you there with me. she thinks all the time and she loves watching tagalog flicks. her bag is thee most organized! i really admire her strength and courage but more than anything else i admire her little ways and the way she manages to put a grin on my face whenever i need one. love you russ. :P 
Nina Sep 22 2003, 02:41 PM
roselle... beybi russ to us... 1/3 of panchito's angels... a really sweet and thoughtful friend! i'll never forget our days at tita marison's house as well as at unit 7001 madison square... i miss the way you jump from your bed down to the floor in the morning and also your putting of lotion all over your arms and legs just before you go to bed. she is so great that her ideas are extra-ordinary! with her great surprises, she would make your heart melt. (ask her bf, he knows what i'm talking about!) thanks for everything sweetie! love you! 
Ben Ariel Oct 01 2003, 03:00 AM
wooden heart! that a million years ago! she's the epitome of irony. a small woman who has a lot of big things going for her. you're going far! keep on smiling! :)
Miles Oct 07 2003, 04:54 AM
Russ R.. Great things come in small packages.. That's definitely true for this little lady.. A woman with a heart of gold.. Always seen with a smile on her face.. Someone who can brighten up your day... Never a dull moment when you are with her.. A true friend.. She's a real person.. Sobrang mahal ang kanyang honey.. Matibay, has been through a lot.. A little girl with the heart of a woman, that's Roselle! ;)
Michelle Oct 14 2003, 08:46 AM
russkie pooh..UCJA's one and only liliput.."okay ka fairy ko"..may magic ito!..hehe..pizza and crepe forever.. simpleng sira ulo.. extra joss girl..small girl with a big big heart..babaeng gala..sa kalye nakatira (jk) .. feeling superhuman sa health..one fair girl..open minded.. kamukha nya handwriting nya..she looks like she bounces (iba pag hyper!grabe)..she sings anywhere and everywhere!..believe it or not, mas madaldal tong babaeng to sakin..promise, tinalo ang hundred words per minute ko..hehe..loves na loves ni duart..totoong kaibigan..goodnight russkie.. MATULOG KA NA!!!!! 
AJ Oct 21 2003, 05:55 AM
russ r.! better half ng boyfriend ko hehe! grabe magmahal..idol, sobrang bait! source ko ng notes nung grade 2 ako..4th year college nako hinihiraman ko pa din.. parang utol ko na din, pareho sila ni duart haha! idol din pala kumanta kunwari lang ayaw, first try 95 ata kagad score hehe! di pa uminom yun hehe! russ ang taong tatawa sa lahat ng joke ko kahit baduy..feeling ko tuloy ang galing ko magpatawa..mababaw din ang luha..iiyak nalang minsan kakatawa labo! =) small girl with a big heart..ok i-sabay pauwi paano lagi kang may food! para sayo russ kahit gawin mo nako bus service hehe take care always and don't change i'm real glad i got to know you a whole lot better, see ya at the villa hehe! =) 
Billy Oct 23 2003, 01:14 PM
Hmm.. Nasan na tayo?!?.. hehe.. yup that would be me and russ, always going in the wrong direction yet still having fun.. Luckily we always find our way - Thanks to her! perky and cheerful girl.. her energy level is just way above normal.. the biggest revelation in our advisua class. thats when all her hidden talents came out -> im talking about drawing and singing! :) hehehe.. no one can beat those mushy- stick-people drawing of hers.. And who can ever forget her mini concert?! well i've been friends with her since elementary but she never fails to amaze me.. Thanks for being such a great friend russ.. im always here if you need anything.. definitely more adventures to come.. 'kikitain' nalang kita sa class..hehehe! :)
James Oct 29 2003, 06:22 PM
Russ! The very kind and very funny schoolmate na now ko lang nagiging close! Hehehe! Ang bait sobra ni Russ na kahit pinakabaduy kong joke nitatawanan parin! Ang saya kasama pag drinkie and kain! Maski di nagdidrink masyado ok parin.. tawa parin ng tawa! Hehehe! Tos ang hilig din sa Shawarma!! Sayang di tayo naging classmates nun hs... fun mo cguro maging classmate! hahaha! Take care of Duart! Kitakits sa next drinkie! see ya!!
Anne Oct 30 2003, 12:45 PM
RUSS!!!one of the pioneers of 1601! We never had the chance to be classmates bakc in high school. We were blockmates during our freshman year..but we never really hung out. But we became roommates!!!Madison girls!!!Hehe!!!we have a lot of fun memeories...midnight snack-spam and rice or wendy's, bagyo, baha---naku!!! this was the worst!hehe!!I've witnessed the start of the russ-duart love story. remember the first date? hehe!!! ang "mahiwagang lamesa"-- were everything comes true!!! She surely knows how to listen and give a good advice. Girl scout!If there's something you need, ask her...she probably has it! name it!medicine, kikay stuff, or school supplies, food!!hehe!! I'm really glad i had the chance to get to know you. You're one great treasure anyone could have! Take care!!!=)☀ 
Ira Nov 01 2003, 10:10 AM
russ!=) miss n kta! sayang nga kc once lang kmi niyan ngkita. f there's one person whom i wanna get close to, that would be russ. it's simply because, she made me feel that we're close (khit d pa naman) the moment i met her. blessed c kuya duart sau! hope il see u again;) ingatz!
Charisma Nov 08 2003, 02:43 PM
russie pooh... i believe that there's no one that would even dare underestimate this girl. she's great at anything she sets her mind into. she has the heart as vast as the ocean or even more. she's cares truly and deeply for her friends. i've known this girl from way back when we were in jr. prep. russ is the person who has all the adjectives one can think of. just continue what you're doing now and you'll surely go a long way, friend. adios. 
Kat Nov 22 2003, 08:04 AM
russ! .. my friend back in hs..sa buong stay ko sa zobel, i only knew her when she became my classmate nung senior na kami..but she instantly became my friend.. and sarap kasama and okay kausap.. i remember those days na everytime we go out.. lahat is like "oo nga kapatid cya ni angelu".. hehe! well it is angelu! hehehe.. i miss those times we had with serene and the rest of the crowd.. hehe.. mauban days???.. hehe.. i dont get to see you anymore pero hey, if you need anything.. im still the same kat you used to know.. ..only better..hehe! Joke!..gimik tayo!.. (",) 
Eric Dec 24 2003, 08:06 PM
RUSS is: a Good friend, a Sweet girl, a Serious blogger, a 1601er (or Former maybe???), a Super Caring individual, an Intelligent creature, a walking Charitable institution, a Multi-tasker, a Christian Achiever for God and Country by heart, a 21 year old beybi, a Loyal girlfriend (to Duart), a Thoughtful being, a Selfless other, a Unique entity...did I mention she's like a sister to me? [It took me quite a while to make this one because I can't find the right words to describe s SuperWonderWoman like you, he2. Finally, here it is (at least I'm the one on top now). Hope to see you soon and Merry Christmas Russo!] 
Kay Jan 17 2004, 09:12 AM
first impression ko, kala ko mataray... but she's actually really nice! friendly siya. she won't take shit from anybody. small but terrible. really smart. even if we haven't talked or seen each other in ages, she's the type of person who i know is still there for me no matter. a friend until the end yan :) just remember, russ, the road works both ways :) i'm here din if you need me. zobel wouldn't have been the same without her and high school wouldn't have been as fun without her along :) yngatz. 
Monty Mar 01 2004, 04:28 PM
napanood ko sha dati sa tv tagal na...ayos noh? 
Lai Apr 27 2004, 05:25 PM
si russ... ang taong addict sa limited shirts, chocolates and sa paglamon! i soooo love to eat with this girl... kasi she tolerates all my mini cravings and sinasamahan pa niya ako! ang saya saya! eh ang sarap kumain eh! super duper shopaholic too, you have to hide her wallet to keep her from spending. she's fun to be with kahit rant lang ang gagawin mo. she's willing to be my shock absorber and super kakatuwa yung tawa niya... parang may pagka-mean na di mo maexplain... russ, kakaiba ka talaga, kaya siguro inakala kong lyzen ang name mo! hahaha:P ingats russ, hope to see you soon! 
Casey Sep 23 2004, 08:26 AM
Russ is a pretty little girl.. many guys admire her not only for her beauty but also because of her kindness... and she's intelligent too! medalist yan parati.. galing yan dumiskarte!!! hehe style mo bulok russ! over the years though we weren't given a chance to be super close, our friendship never faded and for that i am grateful because i simply cannot miss the sweetness that this person has to give..you take care russ!! 
Dino Dec 11 2004, 08:28 AM
roselle grace... napunta ang height sa haba ng pangalan... celebrity nung bata pa lang (kasabayan ni billy joe crawford! hehehe!jk)...malatan...utak bia...my all-around, ever dependent secretary back in hs... crazy, sexy, beautiful... kelan ko kaya kayo matatanim ni nikki?.. .i've known this girl since gs, right?...kaya lang height niya pang gs pa rin..pati handwriting, font size 2, font: russ style... very intelligent, very sweet, very responsible... can't ask for anything more...lost member rin pala ng lilliputian tribe...member ng united colors of jr-a...paulinium gas mems! hahaha...pinadalahan ako ng mga letters na may threats (actually barkada niyo) dahil kay _ _ _ _ _ _....may evidence ako! hahaha...well..thats it...its true that great things come from small packages... well ill see you soon ayt?...stay happy!=) 
Twinkle Jan 09 2005, 11:56 AM
e.x.a.c.t.l.y. i can't believe how many ways we are in sync with each other! it's crazy! it's uncanny!!! haha! i've never had too much similarities with a person than with you! ballpens-ketchup-notebook.writing-dolls-OCness-dru mmer-direk! and much more!!! you keep me going! thanks a lot for that... you challenge me and continue to drive me! that you are... my forever mam.russ! hehehe!
☮..Peace + ❥_Love + Good Vibes. __RUSS.