12 August, 2013


Last week was tough. I thought I’d be able to get a breather because August is ghost month ( started last 07-AUG ) and things usually tend to slow down at work. The owners of the company where I work are Chinese and they do what they're supposed to do during ghost month. This is my third ghost month with them and this year seems to be a little different — I guess it's because of the new set of demigods that got on board last June.

I was really thankful for the 09-AUG Friday holiday even if I have work on Saturdays. I intended to do absolutely nothing so I’d get some time to spend with Pat. He is the son of my sister from another mother, Niña.

Lucky Russ had a date with the not-so-little boy last Friday. 
We went to a late brunch at Larcy’s, one of my favorite places here in the South. I usually bring my friends from the US or other countries here whenever they visit. It's that one place that I'm sure they don't have ( yet ) outside the Philippines. Oddly, I'm no cupcake fan and Pat's not a cake person, but Larcy's is the best place to meet-up. They have all these drool-worthy cupcakes and other goodies. Patrick had pasta, which he paired with iced vanilla while I had a cup of Americano — coffee lovers, this one's A-ok.

What I loved about last Friday was the fact that I had one of the best conversations ever. We talked as if we just saw each other yesterday and not years. We talked about Math, writing, Cebu, pizza, leftovers, Science, basketball, Phil Jackson, LBJ, Kobe, Dwyane Wade, La Salle – Ateneo rivalry, girls from his school who have a crush on him, his friends, his mom ( of course ), the Philippines, floods, etc. One could already see what kind of a man he’ll be when he grows up and I'm really proud of Nins for raising Pat in the Pat way that he is. He sure does know how to carry a conversation with a girl and he's smart, funny, & is really nice ... so get ready Mommy Nins, a lot of girls will definitely like Pat. 

I was very happy to see that he loves his mom very much. I gave him a set of minions, which Nins asked me to get for her and a purple purse-ish bag. I told Pat that it was for Nins and his eyes lit up and he had this big big smile on his face. He said, “Yey! It’s purple, my Mom’s going to love this.” He is such a sweet, adorable not-so-little boy. 

I’m going to segue a bit. Skip. Skip. Skip. Going to the world of grown-ups, I’d say it’s important that your partner is someone you can talk to. When you two are old & gray and you can no longer go out on dates, sensible conversations matter. Given that, yup, I am drawn to smart, witty men with a good sense of humor and can communicate with me. They’re not that many. I know, it must sound crazy, but I was once with a guy whose world revolved around basketball, hip-hop music, smoking, and his fraternity. We were obviously not compatible. 

Point is, love will eventually not be enough so there has to be something that will continue to give spark to a relationship even after the honeymoon stage and it's this phase that you'd want your relationship to live through. ☮..Peace + ❥_Love + Good Vibes. __RUSS.

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