10 March, 2014

Blessed and Happy

I start this week with much excitement and tons of anticipation. Although Greece and Ireland ( plus Scotland & Egypt ) are on top of my must-visit places before I get married, I am ecstatic that I'm going to the Land of the Rising Sun! That will happen in the next few days. I'm itching to fast-forward to Saturday!

I hope to spread the positive vibes to anyone who stumbles on this post. Smile and think happy thoughts, the world is a beautiful place. "They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness." - Lamentations 3:23

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☮ Peace + ❥ Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.

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KAI said...

How fun!!! My friend from here made the drastic move to move out there. No Japanese whatsoever. He's having a blast! So jelly!!! :)