18 April, 2014


I purposely stayed home this long weekend to avoid any Holy Week traffic. Tagaytay, Laguna, and Batangas are the usual destinations, but ever since I got stuck in Tagaytay for an entire morning ( that was Good Friday ), I stopped planning and joining out-of-town trips. I remember waiters from several Tagaytay restaurants walk that long stretch of road with drinks, quick snacks, and a menu ... it was that bad. And just when you think things could not go any worse, they actually will. That night, we slept in a tree house — the price we have to pay for not planning that trip.

What happened this year?
I stayed home, but I barely sat in front of the TV because I got myself extra busy getting a lowdown on TripAdvisor ( I finally signed up for a Vietnam trip, just in case I end up traveling alone — exciting! ), Google+, Bloggers of Google Plus and Awesome Bloggers. TripAdvisor and Google+ are not new to most of you, so allow me to briefly tell you what the last two social groups are:
Bloggers of Google Plus is an awesome community of bloggers that helps everyone gain more friends in Google+.
I'm still a work-in-progress, but I'm learning fast.

Awesome Bloggers is a bloggers' group in Facebook that aims to help increase social shares and blog traffic.
It was nice of PAULINE to invite me to Bloggers of Google Plus coz that's how I found my way to Awesome Bloggers and to the first link party that I'm joining, hosted by Pauline and is co-hosted by Petro, Laura, Kandi, Nicole, Andrea, and Danelle. I'm still trying to find my way around link parties so I looked it up in Google and realized that I need not go far. One of the ladies who participated in this link party wrote a very comprehensive post at My Pinadventures. Please do visit that blog and my other two great finds :)

Blog: unikorna.blogspot.ro

Petronela did something really amazing for her birthday and made a simple experiment extra special.
The filling is Feta Cheese, which gives her Honey Glazed Rolls a unique Greek twist. I said Greek because
Feta Cheese is pretty much one of the basic ingredients in a lot of Greek dishes. I think any cheese-lover ( like me ) will love this one. If you head over to her blog, there's an extra large photo of the finished product and
I'm telling you, it's mouthwatering!

Blog: alavenderlife.com

This is such a heartwarming post, which made me think about my own Mom. I look up to her and
my heart is just overflowing with love for her. For 30-something years and counting, she raised my brother and I. Alone. Why? It's coz my dad had extra-marital affairs — the whole world knows and he still wouldn't admit it. Despite that, Mom kept things together and soldiered on with poise. She definitely went through a lot and I really admire her for her strength and independence. She's one tough cookie.

Epic Friday Linky Party rules are in PAULINE'S SITE. You know the drill.

☮ Peace + ❥ Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.


Rochkirstin Santos said...

Same here - we also stayed just at home in this long weekend and enjoyed family bonding time together. I also got busy in interacting with people online via social groups. :)

Natalie S. said...

omg those rolls are staring at me, lol.. some linky link ups can be intense.. I have a few that i love doing, but i haven't done the epic friday one yet.. i'll have to check that out.

im ready for the weekend to be over actually, lol..

Boonie said...

Link parties sound very creative. So, was it easy for you to participate? I'm glad you're able take part!

unikorna said...

Happy Easter!!!!!Loveeee and kissessssss

Jade Schwartz said...

Oh my can't imagine how was it sleeping on tree house. I hope it wasn't cold. We are travelling today to spend time with family having lunch. Pauline is awesome, I appreciate everything she does for bloggers. Have a great day and God bless

Ave T said...

I'm sad to hear about your failed Holy Week plans last year. But I'm glad that you had a better one this year.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Link parties are always an awesome thing. :)

Cococute Manaloto said...

We just had a family outing on a nearby resort on the Saturday and stayed home on Sunday. Our Holy Week usually we just do church visitations and thank god our town is far from busy roads.

tony greene said...

Have a great weekend without getting all tied up in traffic.

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

We went to the inlaws and had a cookout. Traffic wasn't too bad here. I think we lucked out.