27 April, 2014

Uber safe and convenient

I absolutely <3 UBER!

It's the perfect solution on days when you don't feel like driving or when your driver decided not to come in for work. P successfully convinced me to sign up for Uber when we got back from Japan. One of our Chinoy friends introduced him to the app & service, made him and other friends experience Uber from Ortigas to the airport. Since then he wouldn't stop raving about how great this app is. He highly recommends Uber, encouraged me to try it so I could experience Uber's awesomeness first hand.

About 4 weeks after P had his first Uber ride, I had mine last Thursday and it was amazing. I was billed just Php 217 ($4.86) via my debit card from Park Drive, Makati to Pablo Ocampo Sr. St., Manila and that's just Php 100 ($2.24) more compared to taking a regular cab. I definitely don't mind paying for the extra hundred bucks — anything for convenience.

FACT: Getting on a cab here in Metro Manila is not the best experience, not even pleasant. The things that you have to endure when you are left with no choice i.e. deal with the stench inside the vehicle, super-duper disrespectful cab drivers who take advantage of the fact that you have to ride with them, and if it's not your day you'll end up in a taxi with AC that's not working. As if things could not get worse, you either have a choosy driver who will refuse to let you in or someone who will overcharge. On top of all these, you still need to worry about your safety. I worry about mine, all the freakin' time.

I have a guy friend who always tweets the cab's name and plate number. Another friend of mine would call me whenever she's in a taxi. The few times that I needed to take a cab, I always take a photo of the cab details that's found on the side of the window. I send it to my Mom, friends or colleagues. Plus, I always ask our building guard to log the plate number and name of the taxi. I also make tons of phone calls while en route to my destination to send a message to the cab driver that people know I'm on a cab and he can't do anything bad. Worst case scenario and he does something, he will not get away with it. Praning much? YES!!

A little info about UBER, as discussed in an interview their Taiwan GM, Jessica Khao
Ms. Khao shares, "We are a technology company that acts as a platform that connects riders and drivers.
We don't own the cars nor employ the drivers – but rather work with existing car services to maximize their efficiency
as well as provide users with a premium ride experience. Users can download the Uber app on their smartphone and
with a few taps on the screen, have a black car show up at their doorstep to pick them up within minutes."

How to get Uber
You need to download the app ( yes, it's free ) to your smart phone or tablet. The service is already available is 35 countries and so many cities, and they're expanding .... so make sure to visit this page if you're traveling outside PH to see if the country you're visiting is Uber-ed. Sign up can be done via UBER.COM or through your smart phone or tablet. A valid credit card number is required, however in my case I used my debit card so I guess anything with a Visa or Mastercard logo will be accepted.

I read that when you are in another country, Uber automatically adjusts to that country's currency so you won't have trouble converting rates. In Manila, base fare starts at PHP90 ( $2.01 ) for pick-up and the additional rates that will be computed are PHP12.10/kilometer + PHP2.00/minute. When I availed of Uber's service last Thursday, I saw that there's an option in the app that let's you see fare estimates. Ang cool lang, diba? Furthermore, there's also an option to split the bill with someone.

The Uber Ride
Once you've tapped that button to get picked up at your location, you'll get a notification that a driver has confirmed and is already en route. On your screen, you will see a photo of the driver, vehicle type, and plate number. You can also contact the driver through text and track the vehicle via GPS. The Uber app also lets you see if driver ratings from previous clients.

Almost everything is convenient, except that here in Metro Manila, Uber is only available in a few areas. They're not yet in Manila and in Alabang. They're mostly in The Fort.

Will I ever ride Uber again? Definitely! It's safe, convenient, and reliable.
If you do download the app, you can use my promo code 910T9 and get PHP300 off on your first ride :)

This is not a sponsored post.

Peace + ❥_Love + Good Vibes. __RUSS.


lloydy fernandez said...

I hope this will be capable in all areas in the philippines. This will a big help, and real convenient

Natosha Miller said...

Wow that sounds awesome and very convenient. Great post. thank you for sharing.

Payal Bansal said...

Nice Review... Must give UBER a try

Christine D said...

Sounds great, effective, and convenient. I would definitely be willing to pay a little more for the added safety. Thank you for sharing.

Julie Jamison said...

App sounds like it's really convenient. thanks for sharing.

Jade Schwartz said...

I have not heard of this app before but it is nice to know that I about this. I don't need to call taxi and just use the app which is very convenient. I might try it when I visit Philippines again. Thanks for sharing.

Franc said...

uber looks really convenient especially when getting a cab on rush hour. This app definitely makes it a lot easier.

Natalie S. said...

This is like something new they started in the states, called Lyft.. i think that's what it was.. I wouldn't trust a total stranger, haha..

go smark said...

I never tried Uber before and this is the first time that I heard about it. Thanks for sharing bro!

Rochkirstin Santos said...

Oh wow. I think what really counts is here is safety. The company must be really reliable to offer such service.

Sandy Sandler said...

I've never heard of this app. I'll defiantly be sharing it with a few friends.

Liz Martin said...

i've been hearing about this app but i haven't gotten around to trying it. very interesting! thanks for blogging about it. :)

karren anne magno said...

did you say debit card? we tried 2 debit cards from union bank and hsbc and they didn't work. was there anything you had to do to make your debit card work?