13 March, 2017

Things I Love Sundays: Unplugged.

I didn't go home a couple of Saturdays ago. Well, it's no secret that I am an extrovert. I enjoy being around and with people yet there are moments when I crave for some quiet and peaceful time, alone. It is not something that I often get unless I impose it, which I did a couple of weeks ago. Sure, I like to hang with my friends, share stories, and catch up. I'm fond of night caps and late weeknights with colleagues. I dig long breakfasts. Yet three weeks ago, I had way too much of un-wanted chaos and noise. It did drain the energy out of me. I reached this point wherein I simply longed to take a break that sort of "people-fasting", to shut down, and just itched for everything to go on a complete halt.

Alone Time.

Of course - these things don't happen with a snap of a finger so the choice to not go home for a couple of days was a good one. No one knew where I was. There were no traces of me in social media for at least a good 2 days, but really, I was just in the city. But I tell you, that one selfish moment that I yearned brought me solitude. It may have been for just a few days, but it was glorious. And now, I promised myself to carve out mandatory weekly or if I'm lucky enough, daily me-time hours.

If you're curious » »» »»» nope, I didn't do anything out-of-this-world, but I was tempted to travel solo somewhere but I knew it would be 'bitin'. Being the responsible human being that I am, I can't just leave work and YOLO away... that would be super fun though.Ü My Mom thinks otherwise. I did little, me-time stuff and I liked it. I won't be surprised if I find myself booking a flight and going somewhere, alone. This is something that I have been wanting to do for the longest time, but I guess I'm just scared to do it. However, taking inspiration from my word of the year — courage, it may just happen one of these days.

I came across Think Simple Now and I love how they described alone-time as something beautiful and healthy. We all know how others frown upon solitude because most people think that it's lonely. That's just one way to look at it. Here's a snippet from Think Simple Now's article.

"There is a power in being able to find contentment in solitude. Bacon ( Francis Bacon ), wasn't far off when he ascribed god-like powers to the people who can enjoy solitude. If you are able to be happy alone, then even in the emptiest times in life you can find peace and even joy. I'm not suggesting solitude is better than being with people. Simply that it’s impossible to completely avoid aloneness in life, so it’s worth having a strategy to find joy in those moments. Enjoying solitude can also give you an independence that makes you less desperate with friends and less likely to cling onto lousy relationships."

P had his solitude, unplugged moment too. He went on this tour slash trek to one of the mountains here in the Philippines. He went with this group wherein he didn't know anyone. While there's a part of me that felt that I should have been with him climbing that mountain, I just could not get myself to be a clingy and demanding person. That was his much-needed, sacred me-time. If situations were reversed, I'd want him to respect my time alone, too.Ü Anyways he came back re-charged and all jazzed up.

Have you ever craved for me-time? What things do you enjoy doing alone? I like taking long walks. I can also spend days worth learning how to do make-up ( from YouTube, of course ), but next month or next next month, I'm gonna try to squeeze in taking make-up lessons.  Peace + Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.

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Franc said...

I have to agree on the power of solitude. You can really reflect on so many things and put in perspective.

Jasmine Eclipse said...

I loved this post! I always feel so guilty when I say I need my alone time, or turn down visiting friends/family just to spend time by myself, but I think we all need time to recharge and be alone. It's so important!

Jojo Vito | The Happy Trip said...

I am also an extrovert person, but I made sure to spend some quite time alone for reflections and be at peace with my Creator :)

Elizabeth O. said...

I think this is awesome. Everyone needs a me-time. I really enjoy times alone even if I'm not doing anything special, because I get to sit back and relax and not mind anyone else but me.

Michelle said...

My me-time usually ends up being a matinee movie and a window-shopping walk. Then I'll grab a late lunch by myself. I think it's important to enjoy your own company. =)