31 December, 2016

I will never forget the good times, 2016

Conquer was my word for 2016. There were a few times when I thought that I wasn't going to be able to live by it. I picked a strong word, too strong, that there were days when I just wanted to be curled up in bed and not be bothered by anyone. Kinda like a shutdown I-dont-care situation. When I think about it, that would be me over-reacting. Well, just a little because 2016 is like all other years: it is full of challenges. And right now, as I look back, I feel good because aside from the bold things that this year threw at me, it also brought me so much joy, love, opportunities, clarity, and new friends.

Thank You, 2016

On Work
Huge accomplishments at work go with 2016. It wasn't a walk in the park, but I'm glad that I saw them through as these are things that I hold important in my career as a Marketing practitioner and branding enthusiast. None of it would have been possible without the help of the people who supported me and the guidance of one of the most brilliant men in Philippine real estate that I know. I'm still a workaholic and I don't see this as a bad thing. For me, it simply means that I continue to be focused, driven, and motivated. I am constantly bombarded with questions from friends and peers in the industry why I stuck it out with the company I'm with right now. It's simple: I still enjoy and love what I do. When you're in that kind of situation, you find ways to make things work. It isn't always about being nice because not everyone is going to like you. So what. That's made me do 2 things differently:

1) I let go of my fear to ask for help. Asking for help does not mean you're weak.
2) I took courage to speak my mind and to say the truth even if I know that it won't win me cookie points.

In 2016, GoD blessed me with new bosses and new peers that I was able to genuinely call 'family' in my second home. Every bump that we went through was easy because you know that there are strong people with good hearts who have your back. Ever heard of Jack Johnson's song, Better Together? It kind of describes how I feel towards them.Ü "It's always better when we're together. Yeah, we'll look at them stars when we're together."

On Being An Adult
I'm grateful for everything that's happened in 2016. I know I am a different person ... definitely a better me! I'm not as reactive and am now less combative. Since I value the relationships I have whether it's on a professional or personal level, at times when I know that that I have every right to be angry, I choose not to because I know that throwing a fit will neither change nor make the situation better. It took a while, but I'm glad to have mastered the art of walking away from unnecessary and irrelevant conflict.

On Life & Relationships
On days when I felt like giving up, it was the people who surrounded me that made me want to soldier on. I didn't want to let any of them down. I don't think I was ever the type of person who'd let others down. To conquer means to be able to gracefully roll with the punches and it does not mean that you have to face them alone. This is just one of the many life lessons I learned from one of my favorite people in the world, JFS. In the process, I learned to delegate, to be more patient, to choose my battles, and most importantly, to once again trust in the goodness of others.

With just a few minutes til 2017, let's time-hop a bit and revisit some of the moments of one of the happiest years of my life.

First Wedding This Year. Finding Love When You Least Expect It
This was the first wedding that I went to in 2016. When I was told
that France & Tin were getting married, I just knew that I can't miss seeing this union.
I would love to share more about their love story, but yeah, let's leave it at that.
What's important is they get their happy ending and their happily-ever-after.Ö

Maramaing Salamat, Singapore Tourism Board.
I was in Singapore ( again ) this year.Ü Do you guys remember the #SingaporeInvites contest
that I joined back in 2015? Yup, I was one of the 25 winners. The lovely people from STB
were instrumental to a sorta reunion with good friends that I have not seen in a looong time.
Traveling always brings people closer. We certainly can't wait to be back. • Read More

Metal Mouth Again. And there is nothing wrong with it.
There were people who said that I didn't need it because my teeth were straight,
but when you grew up being teased by people from the higher batch,
because of your teeth, you never really get over that trauma. When I noticed that
my teeth 'flared', I knew that I had to find a new ortho. So far, so good.

Missing these guys .... #GoodTimes

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Family Time is Always LOVE.
My Mom's older sister was in PH for the death anniversary of my grandmother.
One good thing that happens whenever there is a balikbayan is how there is always
extra-extra family time. I saw cousins that I have not seen in a while and boy,
they're all grown-up! How fun were the good ol' times when we were all little kids.

Manila's Fittest. Training for my First Kettlebell Tournament.
I remember how excited I was when my name was chosen to join Manila's Fittest.
KBs are my favorite and even if the training was almost gruesome, it felt great.
to get my groove back. Unfortunately, I got sick days before the tournament and was not
able to join. Sayang talaga. I bet it would have been an awesome experience.

Second Wedding This Year. #LesMikeHappyEnding
This wedding that we attended joins my Top 3 best weddings of couple friends.
I met the other friends of P. It's always great to meet the people he grew up with.

Unlikely Friends. Unexpected Friendships. Super Women Unite.
I always had this sort of 'shield' or 'wall' when it comes to people in Sales in our office.
This year, new and beautiful friendships were made. I don't know how it happened,
but it just happened. And I'm glad it happened. I really enjoy my time when I'm with
Susan G. & Frances J. Dinners take forever — the kind that you wish won't end.Ü

This just happened. 😜 #BW #BTS #PhotoShoot #Tagaytay #NoChoiceJustGrind

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Moldex360 Photo Shoot. This was one for the books.
We, Sir Joey Santos and I, fondly called this, our legacy. Months after the shoot,
our legacy is slowly happening. I'm proud of this and will definitely share with you
what we've done. I'm proud of it. I am also happy because this was instrumental
in giving me the opportunity to work with one of the best men in real estate in PH.

My First Mid-Autumn Festival.
This is a memorable event for P and I. He'd always invite me to go with him
to Mid-Autumn parties but I always make some lame excuse not to go.
This year, we went to our first Mid-Autumn Festival and wow, I enjoyed!
We came home with a lot of treats, prizes, and the Zhong Guan. • Read More

10.25.16 Sunset. All in a day's work.

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Another Career Milestone in My Real Estate Journey.
This is part of 'our legacy' that I mentioned earlier. This was at GRS, during my first-ever
drone shoot. It was one of the most stressful that I've done in my real estate career.
I remember how I was almost in tears during the first viewing of the corporate AVP.
This day, the universe ( except for DFA ) conspired to make this long overdue wish happen.

Fall 2016 🍂

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Japan Take 3, Yet Still So Many FIRSTS.
Japan will always have a special place in my heart. We are super lucky that we were able
to visit again this year. It's our third time in Japan and second time in Osaka,
yet it still feels like we're here the first time & it also never fails to teach us to expand
our perspectives. Thank you for making us experience the magic of FALL. See you in 2017.

Someone's always saying in goodbye in December.
December is supposed to be a month of smiles. Although for me, for the second year,
someone I look up to and have become really close had to say goodbye. Sniff. Sniff.
As I write this post, I obviously have not gotten over this person's decision to leave,
It still sucks, but life goes on. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

I end 2016 with a positive, thankful vibe the same way as I did last year and in previous years. I am taking a minute to not ask for anything but to continue to be grateful for the opportunities, for all the blessings, for everyone who's still in my life, for new friendships, and for everything that has been given to me. Despite some sad moments, 2016 has still been good to my family and I. Each time I feel like I can't go on any longer, I take time look at the bigger picture and realize that I still have no reason to complain. I promise to always do my best to be a good person even if others are not.Ü

To YOU ( the person reading this post ), I am happy that we counted another year of being virtually together. I wasn't able to blog that much this year, but I hope to write more often in 2017. I genuinely hope to meet you in person in one of my future travels. From my blog to yours, may you have a blessed, peaceful, and adventure-filled 2017 ahead. Happy New Year beautiful people! xoxo  ☮ Peace + ❥ Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.

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27 December, 2016

Reliable mobile Wi-Fi in Osaka

People travel for adventures, to reset, to see the world, and to recharge. Traveling makes us happier individuals, but not when you get 'tricked' on foreign soil. Gaah. The unnecessary troubles that you must go through if anything like it happens are major hassles. Yet one thing I learned from all the years that I've been going to different places is that you should always expect s*ht to happen no matter how prepared you are.

Reliable Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi Travel Scam in Osaka. Boo.
So. We got scammed in Osaka last year. We were obviously bummed out because the Howe and I love Japan to bits. We find Japanese folks as one of the nicest people. Sadly, there will always be an exception. We got conned by this fake Mobile WiFi rental company so if you ever come across Japan Wireless — BEWARE! Everything looked legit on their website. You could even commend them for being helpful, easy to transact with, and responsive to your queries. P found them on the net. I'm guessing that he got them because they showed up at the first few entries in Google's search results. The gadget was pre-ordered and the agreed arrangement was for Japan Wireless to deliver the Mobile WiFi to our hotel.

We had a late-night flight and arrived at our hotel past midnight. The first thing P asked the concierge was if there was a delivery for him. Nada. Before heading out in the morning, we asked one last time if our Mobile WiFi's arrived. Nada. That's when we got suspicious. P messaged Japan Wireless to inform them about the incident. They even apologized and said that they would fix things from their end. But mind you, they asked us to NOT file a dispute with PayPal. Hmmm, that was a major red flag. That's when we became 100% sure that something was not right. Nonetheless, we filed for a dispute — thank GoD for PayPal! They're reliable and were efficient in taking the necessary actions to correct the boo-boo of Japan Wireless. PayPal facilitated the refund. The downside of this whole incident is that we both ended up availing of Globe's ( PH telco ) data roaming service for Php599 per day or about $12 per day. It's not the most cost-efficient scenario, but in this time when people cannot leave their homes without their mobile phones, data roaming service was better than nothing.

Global WiFi Kansai Airport Global WiFi Kansai Airport

Thank you, Global WiFi!
This year's trip to the Land of the Rising Sun's different. We were more cautious. I also made sure that I took charge. Lol. Knowing that we'd arrive past 8:00PM in Kansai Airport, I was tempted to pre-order our Mobile WiFi because most shops are already closed by this time. I even considered getting from Japan Rail Pass, but I obviously have not gotten over last year's incident so I canceled my reservation last minute.

I almost jumped for joy when I learned that there were one or two rental shops in KIX that are open until 10:00PM. It just felt right to get the Mobile WiFi at the airport.

I'm glad that I trusted my instincts. As soon as we got past Immigrations & Customs, the first thing that greeted us was Global WiFi's rental shop — it was like an answered prayer. Strategically located at the 1st Floor of Kansai Airport's North Wing, there's no way that you'll miss their stall. Seeing the tourists returning their gadgets and some who were in line to rent one was a huge relief. I didn't hesitate getting our Mobile WiFi from them. And even if the sales representative and I barely understood each other, the entire process of filling out their forms, paying, and listening to the sales rep while she was explaining their policies in Japanese took less than 10 minutes.Ü

Global WiFi Kansai Airport Global WiFi Kansai Airport

We were going to be in Japan for a week, but got the Mobile WiFi for 6 days because we arrived late on our first day. For 6 days, we paid for ¥5832 which includes tax. My credit card bill reflected Php 2,837 or approximately $63. Guys, this isn't bad at all! Of course, it was the practical thing to do and yes, we saved good bucks from this. Take note though, that Global WiFi does not accept cash payments.

If you ever plan on going to Osaka, I highly recommend getting your Mobile WiFi from Global WiFi. I'm all praises with the speed of their connection and signal was always excellent even when we were at the mountains ... just gave me another reason to want to live in this country. I was pretty much on Instagram Stories every hour and was constantly on Viber with my Family Group sharing photos & vids from my trip. P never missed his 'attack hours' with the game that he was playing.

We were so delighted with their service and again, the Internet speed. I kept wishing that if we could have even a fourth of the speed of Japan Internet here in my country, I'd be one happy little girl. Lol.

I know no one likes it, but do you have a travel scam story that you'd like to share just so we could all learn from it? How did you deal with it? Can you travel without the Internet? Or are you like me who, for whatever reason, just enjoys being connected to the world?  ☮..Peace + _Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.

13 October, 2016

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Being in a Chinese environment and working for a Chinese-owned company for almost 6 years has become a cultural immersion for me — in a positive kind of way, of course. Dating a Chinese man and having a Chinese best friend now have brought me a good amount of knowledge and understanding about their customs, their way of life, and traditions. I also began to appreciate their cuisine and all these dishes that I used to not eat. Admittedly, before all these, I knew nothing about anything Chinese. Matter of fact, it was something that I used to avoid because this person that I used to know did not like anything Chinese ... so now's like the opposite of everything.

Ghost Month, Mooncakes, and Mid-Autumn Festival
It was in 2011 when I first learned about Ghost Month, 鬼月. I was supposed to have some house repairs done, but was warned by a friend to defer it until after ghost month. I was surprised that ghost month was strictly observed at work. We were not allowed to do big events like groundbreakings, sales rallies, inaugurations, and blessings because at this time, ghosts and spirits are believed to roam the earth. This time was similar to All Souls' Day. Every milestone, big gathering, and major purchase were done after ghost month.


That same year, I received my first Moon Cake, 月饼. For those of you not familiar with this Chinese mid-autumn festival must-have, see photo above ▲. Lucky me got tons of moon cakes that year and years after that.Ü The act of giving moon cakes to family, friends, and colleagues is a practice that dates back ages ago. Moon Cakes symbolize togetherness and if you happen to get one ( or more ), it tells the recipient that your friendship is valued by the other person. Touching, isn't it? The giving of moon cakes is just one of the customs observed by the Chinese during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival is considered to be the second biggest Chinese event in a year — the first one being Chinese New Year. The Mid-Autumn Festival goes back to thousands of years ago when ancient Chinese worshiped the moon for bountiful harvest. On the day that the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated, the moon is also said to be its roundest. This usually falls a few weeks after the end of the Hungry Ghost Festival. [ Read more: The Story Behind Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 ]

My First Dice Game
For the past years, I was always invited to go to a Moon Cake / Mid-Autumn Festival gathering, but I never went. This year, I did things differently. My Howe always looked forward to Moon Cake month because of the Dice Game. He always explained it to me, but I never really got a good grasp of how fun it was until this year.

Dice Game rules are simple: the game involves throwing 6 dice into a bowl and if you get any one of the lucky combinations, you get a prize. There are assigned prizes ( 6th place to 1st place ) to the best dice combos. The game goes on until all prizes are won. It could take a while, but it just radiates all these good vibes when you're playing. No one goes home empty-handed or that pretty-much is the idea but I guess it depends on how many prizes are up for grabs.

In this Mid-Autumn Festival party that we went to, P and I got a lot of the sixth prize(s) + a second prize where I got to bring home Chanel goodies. To make my first Dice Game even more memorable, we also won the first prize / the Zhong Guan, which I tell you was worth the wait. If you'll look at my IG photo below, the Zhong Guan's inside the Ang Pow ( red envelope ). While it did seem like forever, waiting for one of the best combinations to come out was definitely worth our while. I guess the odds were in our favor. Our table had 15 players including us and well, the lucky 4 Fours combination was fated to come out during one of our turns.Ü It felt like Thanksgiving and the vibe was just fun, fun, fun. Every person from our table brought something lovely home. All the prizes were very nice. I gotta give it to our host for being generous and for throwing such a marvelous Mid-Autumn Festival party.

Have you ever been to a Mid-Autumn Festival gathering and played the Dice Game? Is it something celebrated in your country? Zhōng qiÅ« jié! 中秋快乐  ☮..Peace + _Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.