08 March, 2013


Guess who just started watching One Tree Hill? ME :)
I'm such a late bloomer at this, but I think I know why I didn't watch this when everyone else was so into it years ago. Aside from me thinking that OTH might be one of those sappy exaggerated melodramatic series, years back someone that I used to know would make fun of me if he found out I watched this one.

Let's jump to 2013, this happened the other day. P was watching the final episode of OTH. I wasn't paying much attention, but I was listening to what the characters were saying. Then I casually blurted out, "They have good writers."

P cracked into this I-knew-you'd-like-it smile and the following day, I was given a DVD of the first season. I wonder if I'd get hooked on this, the same way that I enjoyed watching Jack Bauer in 24. Anyway, I was told that I need to watch the first season so won't be so lost with the finale. I was indirectly being urged to watch all seasons. Friends in Twitter told me that there are 9 seasons. Nice! ❥ __R.

Photo Credit: OneTreeHillweb.net  •   Gallery