13 January, 2013


A month before my 23rd ( again ) birthday – I am sore all over from boxing Friday evening. It must have been intense. I have not had a workout that intense in months. Do I hate it? Hell no. I’m all for enjoying the experience. Elders say that you’ve got to live like you mean it. They say that you’re trying to figure out how to make decisions, you should ask yourself, “What would I do if I only had six months to live?” And whatever your answer is, that is how you should be living now. Who knows? Maybe you or I really do have just six months. Life is too short.

My grandmother from my Mom’s side would always tell me that I should spend my money on experience and not on materials things ... she would always tell me, “You cannot take it with you.” A former boss always told me that once in a while, I should make impractical decisions during my youth. At the same time, I have to risk all that daring energy to learn from them and grow more. Every day, I read a lot of tweets that there is power in positive thinking, not fear. Experimenting may be the only way to live. Try this, try that. Find what works. Be willing to leave behind those that do not work, much sooner.

Towards that latter part of 2012, I have already set my mind that I will sort of adopt a new identity and kinda surrender the old. I might be going through some birthday blues right here. I am nearing this deadline that I set for myself and it’s going to be final – no turning back. I am pleased with how the world has changed me. Despite all the crap that happened to me in 2012, I still feel that good things will happen. I am just hoping that the timing will be perfect.

I think 2013 is the perfect year to commit to living like I really mean it. Today, I feel that I am a more compassionate, happier, and stronger version of myself with the intention of creating more experiences, taking risks, traveling, loving myself more, surrendering what no longer works instead of thinking of it as still a handy tool, and back to doing things that I love.