01 February, 2013


I heard something recently, but can't exactly remember where.
I heard, "Why am I dying to live, when I am living to die?" or it was something along those thoughts- lines. I am thinking that it might be nice to type up something philosophical-ish, which is going to be mostly based on my opinions. I kind of want to do it, but what for??

There are a few times when I do not take myself seriously, which is good for the mind, soul, and body. I know how serious life is, but then again, people take sh*t too seriously.

I had a revelation just now and I just don't want to worry that much anymore about things that are negative. Whatever will be, will be. What is out of our hands are things that we can't obviously handle given that we've already done everything that we can in our own humanly ways.

I'm just really really thankful and am super glad that this trip happened. I am genuinely happy that I got to travel again despite my reservations. I owe it to P for always pushing me to do the things I love. The moment I got in that plane, I promised myself that I will be back in the groove and I am slowly getting there.

Breathe. Stop.
The world isn't getting any younger. I'm not getting any younger so might as well roll with the punches. It actually seems to be working pretty good. What do you think is the point of dying to live? We only pass this way once, let's make the journey worthwhile.

❥ __R.

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Ricademus said...

I'v eheard Cebu is wonderful--I hope you had a great time.

And I hope I can figure out how to get your blog to appear in my reader!!!