23 August, 2013

Five for Friday. Movies that make me cry ♡

I am such a sucker for movies. I can stay at home in my PJs all day, have a movie marathon, and not get tired. Being assigned to afternoon classes when I was a kid gave me tons of time to watch movies, which were mostly shown in the morning. Whenever I'd watch TV—and cable was non-existent then, almost all local channels showed old Pinoy films ... except GMA7 that aired Flying House for years and then replaced it with Super Book. Finally, when HBO, Cinemax, and Star Movies started to grace the boob tube, it was like heaven!

My film classes in college complemented this almost life-long love for watching movies. I was also lucky that I had professors who are leaders of the arts and a lot of them used film as a medium of education, both for majors and for regular subjects. It was a pretty effective method of teaching. And, with that, friends ... this post will be my first entry in FIVE FOR FRIDAY. I also promised one of my favorite bloggers, the pretty VAYIE, that I will post my 5 movies that make me cry. Top of mind, here they are:

 1997, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ( La Vita è Bella ) 
I shed a sea of tears with this film and still cry so much each time I watch this. Set during the time when Germans despised Jewish people, this film is tragic but at the same time, it's full of love and humor. The main character, Guido, played by Roberto Benigni, became my ideal dad and husband.

"You're serving. You're not a servant. Serving is a supreme art. God is the first servant. God serves men but he's not a servant to men."

PLOT: In 1939, Jewish-Italian Guido Orefice comes into Arezzo, Italy, ultimately to open a book store. In the meantime, he will work as a waiter at the hotel restaurant where his Uncle Eliseo is the maître d'. In town, he meets a school teacher named Dora, who he calls Princess and who comes from a wealthy Italian family. For him, it's love at first sight. Despite she already being in a relationship with another man, Guido ultimately sweeps her off her feet. They get married and have a son they name Giosué. On Giosué's fifth birthday, World War II is in full force. Since they are Jewish, the Germans take away Guido, Eliseo and Giosué to a labor camp. Wanting to be with her family, Dora insists she be taken too, but she is housed in the women's side of the camp. To protect Giosué from the horror of what is happening to them, Guido tells him that they are playing a game, certain actions which garner points, other actions which take points away or disqualify one from the game. The first to reach 1,000 points wins the prize of a real tank. Guido's primary goal is to keep Giosué safe at all cost, while he tries to figure out a way to get his family out of the camp and keep the Germans at bay from learning what he is doing with Giosué. [ Source: IMDB ]

 2004, IF ONLY 
I'm not big on Jennifer Love Hewitt. I can't even remember how a DVD of this movie landed on the player in my house. I did watch it anyways, not once, but over and over again. Ian Wyndham's ( Paul Nicholls ) accent is just so sexy. It's one of the many films that I won't get tired of watching. I like how the story unfolds. Jennifer Love Hewitt wrote a song, Take My Heart Back, for this movie. It was good. So.... if you are a in relationship, If Only is always a good reminder. The smallest fights could break your heart, but y'know, you need to remind yourself not to take the person you love for granted. If you love the person, it's not enough that you say it. You show it.

I love this scene:
"I have to tell you this and you need to hear it. I loved you since I met you, but I wouldn't allow myself to truly feel it until today. I was always thinking ahead, making decisions soaked with fear. Today, because of you ... what I learned from you; every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed and I've learned that if you do that, then you're living your life fully. It doesn't matter if you have five minutes or fifty years. Samantha if not for today, if not for you I would never have known love at all. So thank you for being the person who taught me to love ... and to be loved."

PLOT: After his impetuous musician girlfriend, Samantha, dies in an accident shortly after they had a fight (and nearly broke up), a grief-stricken British businessman, Ian Wyndham, living in London gets a chance to relive the day all over again, in the hope of changing the events that led up to her getting killed. [ Source: IMDB ]

This is a remake of a 1939 film with the same title. I remember watching this in Greenbelt 1, with my Mom and an older cousin. I was either in third or fourth grade and my Mom just adores Annette Bening, who played Terry McKay in the 1994 version.

This movie perfectly fits the bill of all those if two people are meant together quotes like — "People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other. They might take detours in life but they are never lost." It is cheesy, but there is something in this movie that most of us can relate to. We all want to find that one person who was destined to be with us. Mike Gambril, played by Warren Beatty, and Terry McKay had a right love at the wrong time kind of thing. They did try to do something about it, but the stars probably weren't aligned yet for them. You'd be all smiles after watching it.

Katharine Hepburn has a cameo appearance in Love Affair. I loved the piece that she played on the piano. I liked it so much, I learned that piano solo.

"I guess I'm happy when I don't want to be anywhere else but where I am"

PLOT: Ex-football star Mike Gambril meets Terry McKay on a flight to Sydney, which is forced to land on a small atoll. Both engaged to others, they become romantic on board the ship sent to take the 'plane passengers to a larger island. They agree to meet in New York three months later to see if the attraction is real. One shows up, the other doesn't, but they run into each other afterwards. [ Source: IMDB ]

A guy and a girl can never be just friends. I think it's not just possible. At one point in whatever so-called platonic relationship there is, I think there will come a time that one or both would feel some kind of an attraction.

"But what makes me want to cry is I'm losing the best friend I ever had. And when he said it, I knew I felt the same. So I cried for maybe the third time in my life and I kissed him. And we've been best friends ever since. ... Nine years, we've seen each other through everything. Losing jobs, losing parents, losing lovers, traveled all over, we've had the best times. The best times of my life, maybe. ... He's the salt of the earth, kind and loyal and generous - the one constant thing in my life, is he'll always be there "

PLOT: Julianne Potter is a successful and independent food critic. Her closest friend is George, who happens to be gay. Over dinner with George, she reminisces about another relationship in her past: her brief romance and long-term friendship with Michael ONeal, a freelance sports writer. Jules and Michael were such good friends, they made a half-serious promise to each other that if neither found a mate before they turned 28, they would marry each other. Soon afterward, Jules receives a call from Michael, who tells her he has met that special someone, Kim Wallace. Michael is madly in love with Kim, but asks his "best friend" to visit him in Chicago to lend him support. As the wedding date approaches, Jules becomes more desperate, but her attempts fail. However, just before the wedding, Michael gets a message that throws his relationship with Kim seriously into doubt and gives Jules her chance to share her true feelings with Michael. [ Source: IMDB ]

I was not able to watch this on the big screen, but I do have this in my hard drive and it's a major tearjerker. Basha and Popoy's love story: EPIC. It's not mushy. It's not sappy. This is one of those #BOOM or #SOLID or #SAPUL or #OUCH kind of movies.

"Baka kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal naten, kase baka merong bagong darating na mas ok, na mas mamahalin tayo, yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan at paaasahin, yung nag-iisang taong magtatama ng mali sa buhay naten, ng lahat ng mali sa buhay mo."

"I'm sorry for not saying sorry before nung nasaktan kita. Hanggang nung sa nagkahiwalay tayo, ang inisip ko, sarili ko lang, yung nararamdaman ko lang, yung gusto ko lang. I’m sorry Bash naging madamot ako. Hindi ko inintindi na, kailangan mo rin yung Bashang nawala nung minahal mo ako. Hindi mo alam kung gaano ko kagusto sabihin sayo na, SANA TAYO NA LANG. SANA TAYO NA LANG ULIT. Pero pag sa tuwing mararamdaman ko kung gaano kita kamahal, hindi ko maiwasan na maramdaman ulit lahat ng sakit. I’M SORRY. Ako naman ang may kailangan ng panahon ngayon. Para makalimutan ko lahat ng sakit. Para maalala ko lahat ng maganda at mabuti sa atin. Para bumalik yung Popoy na nawala, nung nagkahiwalay tayo. I want to stop my heart breaking, Bash. Para pag naging tayo ulit kaya na kitang mahalin nang buong buo. Nang walang takot, kung masaktan man tayo ulit. Bash,"

I want to give a shout out to the guys at Tizag.Com. I had to brush up on table codes, big help! Also, if any of you wants to join FIVE ON FIVE FRIDAY, you can visit The Good Life blog, just click on the badge below. There are lots of amazing people who have tons of great things to share. Have a fab weekend. ☮ Peace + ❥ Love + Good Vibes. RUSS.


[vayie] said...

Among the movies you mentioned, I haven't seen Life is Beautiful and Love Affair. I'll try to see if I can have that downloaded.

WTG for adding One More Chance. One of the best Filipino films in the recent years. :)

Ricademus said...

They all sound like good movies, but I've only seen My Best Friend's Wedding. I've always had female friends, but it did cause problems twice...mixed up signals. I still have female friends, but talk about my wife a LOT!

Before I forget, I come in peace! :)

Liz Martin said...

I've only recently seen If Only but it made me cry too though I know the song Take My Heart Back. I love that song.

My Best Friend's Wedding - one of my ultimate favorite movies!!! I still cry when I watch this movie.

One More Chance - this is one of the best John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo movies for me. You're right. Not sappy. Not mushy. It's just well written - so true to life!

Katrina Sy said...

One More Chance always makes me cry. Sino kaya ang Popoy ng buhay ko no Russ?

Roanne said...

I defo recommend "Grave of the Fireflies". It's not a love story, but it'll surely make u cry.

Jaded Mandarin said...

Russ, you have to watch Cinema Paradiso and Il Postino. I'm pretty sure you'll include that to your list if you haven't already. :)

cristine jusa said...

one more chance is epic. i love the story! plus Popoy and Basha <3

great blog btw, Ms Russ! ^^

OY HZ said...

I've not watched both the movies before. But will check them out definitely when I'm in need of a tears show.. :')

Patricia | MrsC said...

Is Love Affair the same as An Affair to Remember? Grabe, waterworks ako with that movie. No The Notebook on your list? :)

JOJO VITO said...

I havent watch a movie lately because of my busy schedule....But I remember this "Bestfriend"s Wedding"

Sef Tiburcio said...

if there is one movie on the list that i love watching, i think that is the if only. i don;t know but it is one of the best romantic-tragedy movie for me.

Franc said...

If only does remind us to value the time we spend with people we love. Nice selection of movies that are also has timeless stories.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

In you list, I was able to watch, If Only, Mt Best Friend's Wedding, and One More Chance. These three also made me cry!

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

One More Chance - had a lot of tears on that film. It was actually funny. It made me remember me and my ex both watched this film way back - quite ironic, lol. (Ps. we're together now though lol!)

rebecca wong said...

I totally love the movie "My Best Friend Wedding". It's one of the best movie and I'll re-watch it every time if I have the chance.

Skinny Brokovich said...

Nice list.. If only is a must.. I love to suggest you watch MY SISTERS KEEPER.. a true tear jerker!