08 April, 2013


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People journey through life at their own pace, learn their own lessons, and share a portion of themselves to touch the lives of others in their own ways. A wise man that I know, my uncle, joined his Creator a few days ago. I don't intend to creep out anyone, but I would like to leave this earth the same way he did. Last night, Tita Rose shared how he "expired" — painless, peaceful, and fulfilled. Tita Rose said that God usually take his sons or daughters at the peak of their perfection. Everyone was in tears.

I was in tears. He lived his life well and that's 81 beautiful years.

My Mom has always looked up to him, he — whom she fondly called "Kuya Oscar" or "Kuya Os". He was this tall, big guy with a bright smile; warm & friendly. Others were always intimidated by him, but that's because they do not know really him. I will always remember him as this jolly, "gala", smart & brilliant uncle. He's one of the lawyers in the family and eventually became a judge. He kind of makes being a lawyer seem easy. Whenever he saw something wrong, he'd make sure he’d set it right. He did whatever has to be done despite opposition or sometimes something even harder to overcome: apathy.

Mama would always tell me stories how fun it was when they were all growing up. I would have loved to lived during their childhood and teenage days. In Tito Oscar’s later years, he devoted his life serving others. He taught the poor and underprivileged Christian living and valuable skills. He reached out and found ways to assist in whatever humanly possible way he can to make the communities that he’s helping better places. He was there for people who didn’t know how to reach out.

Change can be small and still be revolutionary. It is this ability to see possibilities and willingness to help others see how life is worth living. There is just so much to do. We should spend more time with people who matter, stop the hate, and create moments that will only make others smile when they look back at times they've spent with us.Ü
  ❥ __R.

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[vayie] said...

He's with the Lord now. All of us strive to leave this world just the same.