01 May, 2013

I am happy and I don't know why.

My first day of May is brimming with possibilities and overflowing with good vibes. I was talking to my Mom and Tita B ( Mom's friend ) this morning. At one point during our conversation, Tita B was all smiles and said that my aura is different lately. Tita B said she knows that I am happy. Well, right on! Both Mom and Tita B asked why — I paused, thought of what I was supposed to say but I could not think of anything specific that would point to why I was feeling more than okay for weeks now.

I'd bet my arse that you are now just as curious as my mother and Tita B. Sooooo, why the heck am I happy? I hate to burst your bubble but really, I have nothing to say. Once in a while we get that kind of feeling and when it comes to me, I make sure to enjoy the moment.

I don't know, but like a eureka moment, everything that's left to do and what my other life goals are in this lifetime became crystal clear. The direction that I will most likely take for the rest of my life is now more definite and more solid. What is left to do is to be constantly grateful for the little things,  to live happily without regrets , and to enjoy the now, one day at a time.

I am beyond thrilled about this feeling of renewed passion with extra amounts of drive luring me in. I have always believed that having passion in life is what draws people to others. It's what makes you happy about your life, it gives you a purpose, and ultimately it makes you realize what you should be doing. Easier said than done, I know. But c'mon, this little girl's heart is full of excitement because I know that ....

01)  I can kick ass.
02)  I do not take BS from anyone. I've stopped taking BS from people.
03)  I know who has my back and who my faux friends are. Not everyone who said they'll be there for you will be there.
04)  I will not let anyone do wrong to people who matter to me.
05)  I will make it wherever I want to go and no one can stop me.Ü Yes, I am claiming it.
06)  I will be successful in whatever it is that I want to do.
07)  I already know what kind of house I'll build ( or buy ) in the nearer future.
08)  Years from now, I will most likely be doing Marketing and still be in Real Estate.
09)  In between, I should start embracing the Sales part of Real Estate because...
10)  It appears that I am headed there. It's calling me so we'll see. I'm always game to explore new stuff.
11)  I still want to retire when I'm 50 or earlier.
12)  I still do not want to get married unless someone is man enough to live that for better or worse part.
13)  I still am happily jaded.

Sooo. You may want to choose to stop here, BUT if you are itching to know what triggered this post, you need to read on and see what an oddly peculiar yet good + funny day 21-APR was.

I do not know what to make of this day, but everything must have started here: first was the talk that one of my closest girlfriends, C and I had and second was me bumping into the aunt of my former boyfriend. I love talking to C. She is the "ate", the big sister that I always wanted, but never had. I can talk to her about anything and she would always find something sensible about stuff that I find immaterial. I love her practical and realistic words of wisdom.

Bumping into former boyfriend's aunt was obviously unexpected, but it was a pleasant encounter. Admittedly, it was a moment that I have been dreading for a long time. You never plan them. They just happen and you can only wish that it will not leave you scarred. I am glad it turned out okay and not awkward. I told my Mom that it helped that this aunt was really good-natured and affectionate to begin with; other than that Mom reminded me that I have always been genuine with my feelings and actions towards this person and his family when we were still together so regardless of whomever I bump into, I should be fine.

I tell you, that was such a weird day. It was as if the universe was trippin' on me, but I'm not ranting. Tonight, I may not know why these happened or what message the heavens is trying to tell me. What I'm sure of right now is that all these took place for a reason.   ❥ __R.