21 April, 2014

Travel Diaries: Travel Bucket List. First Edition.

It's close to six years ago when I sort of knew that married life might not be for me. There are a few friends and relatives who understand me yet a lot of people find this thing that I want insane just because "girls have an expiration date". That, or they say always nag me with "sayang ang genes" or "sayang and ganda mo" or "sayang ang talino mo" lectures.

Why do I not see myself walking down the aisle?
I've thought about this countless times. I know that I will enjoy the whole wedding preps and I will most likely go all out with it — what happens in church, the wedding gown, the preps, and all that production for the reception.Ü At this time, what I am super certain is that I will not like the morning and all the days after that. To sum it up in 5 words: I am not yet ready.

I still want to be selfish. My friend, Kat, gave her vote of confidence by encouraging me to have the time of my life. Then just last Friday, over dinner, my cousin's Auntie Welly told me not to get affected by what other people are nagging me about. She said to enjoy for as long as I want because priorities will be different once I settle down. Then there was last night's GNO ( girl's night out ) and it was fun to know that a lot of my friends are still unmarried, so why rush, diba? There are many things that I still want to do, a lot places that I want to see, so many people that I have yet to meet, and bazillions of adventures waiting for me. I also have this absurd promise that I made to myself a long time ago that I need to see these places before I get married.

Image Credit: Buzz Feed's 31 Photos that Will Make You Want to Visit Greece Immediately

The local film, "For the First Time" ( 2008 ) influenced me big time about wanting to travel to this country. Practically half of the movie was shot on location in the beautiful island of Santorini. Since then, I fell in love with Greece. It has become more than what my history teachers taught in class. I have not been there, but I just know that it is one the most beautiful countries in the world — they have gorgeous landscapes & mountainscapes, summer weather to die for, beaches and breathtaking sunsets, and amazing food. What's not to love about Greece?

Image Credit: Wikepedia

Amsterdam is going to be a feast for the senses for me, from its 17th-century structures, its museums, galleries, lovely sights, canals, markets, and jazz concerts. I was really delighted when a friend told me that Amsterdam is a wonderfully walking city. That's good news because I like to walk a lot. It gives me a better shot at seeing more than the usual, popular tourist spots. At the same time, it opens more opportunities for me to interact with locals and learn more about their culture, their day-to-day activities. And these things, they are priceless.

Image Credit: Welcome Ireland

Some of my close friends know that I have always had this weird thought ( still do! ) that I was either an Irish Prince or an Irish Fairy in one of my past lives.Ü This justifies wanting to go to Ireland because it is sort of going back to my roots. I know though that I will have to stay here longer than my usual 5-day trips if I am to see most of the cities that I want to go to. The pubs in Dublin rank #1 on my reasons for planning a trip to Ireland, followed by their castles, the Cliff of Moher, and the fact that I find Ireland strangely romantic.

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

The beach bum in me will be disappointed if there is no paradise beach destination in my travel bucket list. I think there are no direct flights yet from Manila because a friend who was in Maldives last week had to to take a 1) 3-hour flight from MNL to KL, 2) another 4-hour flight from KL to Colombo via Air Asia X, and 3) and finally the last flight, a 1-hour plane ride from Colombo to Male International Airport via Sri Lankan Airlines. While it does sound tiring, I just know that the culinary delights and the gorgeous sights of the sun, sand, and sea will make it worth my while.

Image Credit: Mine.Ü

Last, but definitely not least is the Land of the Rising Sun. I just checked this one off my list last month when I flew to Tokyo to attend the wedding of my Howe's best friend. It was love at first sight. Words and photos are not enough to describe the joy that my wanderlust soul had every minute I was in Japan. I told myself that this is one country that I would like to visit every year. There is nothing not to love about Japan, from its culture, architecture, sights, subways, the people, sake, and the food! I'm half-way through my post about this trip and at the same time, excited little me is already planning for my 2015 visit. I can't wait!

I'm 32 now, can pass as an 18-year old college student, and friends who know my age tell me that I like I'm just about to turn 21 ( aah, thanks Jeyps! ), has the heart of a 43-year old jaded woman but loves like a 16-year old ( ?? ), unmarried, and in my heart will be forever 23, and I'm going to be very busy — seeing the world.Ü Peace + ❥ Love + Travel Vibes. RUSS.


Amanda T said...

I would also love to go to all of those places (Plus go back to the Virgin Islands. Maldives would be my first place to go - It's so gorgeous.

jassy said...

now i'm curious with amsterdam :)

Ronnie E. said...

We should go on a trip together! haha. I just broke up with my boyfriend and want to go nuts and travel the world. I would love to hit the same locations you mentioned.

Kung Phoo said...

I have Greece at the top my list. I have always wanted to go there,

Patranila Jefferson said...

This is a great list! Some of these are on my beach bucket list too!

Mama to 5 said...

I would love to go to Ireland with my family and see the castles!

Anonymous said...

Interesting choices. Mine were Italy (done) and Hawaii (not done!) But I figure since I traveled around Europe so much when I was younger I saw what I need to see! Now I want to tour the US.

Franc said...

I hope you get to visit all these places soon. You got a great list of places.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Such lovely places - I wish to visit those places in the future too

Rena McDaniel said...

I have been happily married for 23 years because I waited until I was ready. Not when everyone else thought I should be ready. Beautiful places Enjoy!

ROBERT LEE said...

I agree for different reasons when it comes to settling down. Having a BF, perhaps I don't have anything to say, because that is your decision, and between you and him. If you are single, the choice is not yours... And I do not agree with anyone finding love because that often leads to mistakes. A better choice is to let love come find you.

Places to visit, from your list, I thought about it. And then I decided that any place is good if the last thing I see before I die is the face of the people I love. You see, what makes a place forgetabble or memorable is how you feel emotionally.


Carola Conmose said...

I have seen 2 of the 5! Amsterdam and Greece :). Loved it both. Though I'm in Amsterdam quite often (I live in the Netherlands).
And there's so much to visit! But i'd say: Don't put a hold traveling. If it's what you love, keep doing it. Even if you're married. Even if you decide not to marry. Just do what you love!

Sriparna Susan said...

A great list:)
When I read about your friend's itinerary to Maldives, I felt so glad that from India it's just 3hrs... 1.5 to Colombo and 1.5 from there... I how you get to fulfil this list at the earliest; not that you're in a hurry, since you still look darn young ;)

Kristine Redillas said...

The time will come when you're ready. It may not be now but soon. Maybe, you just need time to enjoy the company of your friends, family or yourself. Like get to know yourself more before others. But a trip to Japan would be so fulfilling!!

Klaudias Corner said...

This is a proper bucket list tho !!! A lot you are going to see and experience. Don't worry about that getting married Bla Bla of others , you can still get married in decades from now :) But wouldn't it be as well amazing to travel all these gorgeous destinations as a couple ? I wouldn't consider being married as a limitation in doing things. Have fun and let us participate in your adventures , please :)

Jaear Paguio said...

You don't get married because you have to or cause other people said so. Just like what you said if you're not ready then you're not ready.

Dominic Barrios said...

I agree... Don't rush into marriage just because you have a running body clock. Marriage is also a decision you set as a goal while you are young. To put it into analogy, Travelling is also a decision. When you plan to travel in the future, you plan what direction you will go, you prepare what you will need and you always make a first step towards that goal. It's the same with Marriage. It shouldn't be a spontaneous thing that you decide just now and then regret it after not being prepared enough for what was in store for you.


Zwitsy said...

If that's what your heart desires, then go for it. It doesn't really necessary to follow what other people say. the important is that you follow what makes you happy.

Karlaroundtheworld | Karla said...

They are definitely right, priorities and luxuries will entirely be different for anyone once married life kicks in. I saw my sister go from a spending gimmick girl to a busy but loving house mom that looks at sleep like diamonds and gold. Maybe it's your 40+ mature heart that helps you think wisely of your situation. Don't fret it once the times comes though, there's a lot of great things about being one with another!

Cheryle said...

Marriage will change your life forever. It's not easy to commit if you know in your heart that you're not ready yet. Just enjoy and do the things you want to achieve. And it's going to be worth it din!