22 September, 2013


Gratitude Journal, Day 02 
Food does wonders to the soul. It has the power to make a person feel better when things don't seem to go right. If we want to look at it in a calculated kind of way, we all know that too much can make us fat and yada yada yada. We all know what the other side of the story is. We either make it a best friend or worst enemy. Today's assignment is here.

My relationship with food is not the love-hate type. Growing up, my parents had opposing views on the subject. My dad and his side of the family would sometimes have restrictions; my mom and her family did the opposite. On most days, I find myself sounding like my mother ... it should be a good thing. Mimi lets us enjoy, eat what we like ( everything in moderation, of course ) as long as nothing ends up wasted. She's not big on these last supper kind of meals: you're so ill, can barely move, and people bring you all your favorites. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy them because of diet restrictions, medical complications, etc. She would always remind us not to deprive ourselves ( again, it must be done in moderation ).

Classic Story #1
I had thyroidectomy in 2008 — as soon as I was brought back to my room, I wrote on my white board that I wanted soup from Almon Marina and a sandwich from Starbucks. Someone was ready to go out to get me my post-surgery happy food until my nurse went into panic mode when she saw what I wrote and heard my mother's instructions. Turns out I cannot have anything solid. I was also not allowed to have anything hot. That went on for over two months and I gradually understood why Mimi gets cranky whenever we got sick. She hated buying meds.

Classic Story #2
Last month, when work was suspended because of Maring and the habagat, my Mom would cook five (5) times a day. That was her trip for three (3) straight days! My little big bro begged her to stop cooking .. obviously, she didn't. My brother thinks he got fat over the forced vacation and I felt like I gained at least 1 pound ... or not, but that was Mom's thing whenever my brother and I are on house arrest. That was Mom's "lambing" to us. Usually, we are in trouble if she's not in the kitchen. Hello retribution!

Last Monday sucked big time. I woke up with the most awful migraine, compared to what I had two Wednesday ago. I was in bed til past 9 in the morning and found myself unable to go to work. Half an hour past 9, I received an SMS that turned my day from bad to worse.

It was really thoughtful of Mother Duck to cheer me up and do everything in her motherly powers to make me feel better. Moms are truly one of God's sweetest blessings. After the trip to the hospital, she knew where to bring me ... that wooden signage was an instant smile-maker. That afternoon, I have not found the solution to my problem but her gesture and all the goodies in front of me made the situation not-so-bad ... something chocolate-y + wine + cheese. There's no way you could go wrong with that.

3 things I'm extra grateful for today
›  I am grateful that it's Sunday. I get to rest and recharge.
›  I was miffed that it rained so bad today, but at the same time I'm grateful.
›  I am grateful for today's home-cooked Bulalo.

Psalm 104:15

And wine to gladden the heart of man, oil to make his face shine, and bread to strengthen a man's heart.

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☮..Peace + ❥_Love + Good Vibes.


Ricademus said...

Wow, so young for the thyroid surgery. I think we met not too long after that....back when your profile picture involved a purple shirt. :)

I agree with you about food--helping our mood and the moderation part.

I hope the severe migraine doesn't come back!

[vayie] said...

Back in HS, after a weekend practice in one of my classmates' house, they tagged me to SM Makati Foodcourt for lunch even if I told them that I only have jeepney money (I was given a per day allowance when I was still a student). I thought that because I already told them that, they are actually treating me for lunch.

They didn't. So imagine Russ, I sat there, while everyone of them was eating their lunch, feeling so sorry for myself.

It had been decades since HS but I guess that experience traumatized me. From then on, I swore that if ever I'd earn my own money, I'll definitely splurge on food and give in to my cravings. I won't care if it'll be a craving for an expensive restaurant or food place. If I had to save up money for it, I will. Daddy told me that I shouldn't think twice spending money for food.

When I am able to eat something that I really like, I don't forget to thank the Lord for it. Every burp, every feeling of satisfaction meant so much for me.

Sorry for sharing this experience. It's just that I can totally relate to the post.

Neeci said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I always give thanks for food and everything else. I believe in gratitude to the fullest :)

Skinny Brokovich said...

Yes.. That's why we say grace before we eat... I would never miss an opportunity to give back.. I love what you are doing!!

Eri Votsari said...

Omg my friend also has thyroid and I know how hard it is. Good luck :)

Hina Naz said...

Agreed with your thought, food is helphing our moderation level. A very detailed post and amused to read your thought.

Nanda Reis said...

I'm a food lover.. but being a vegetarian can make my life harder sometimes. It is not easy to be invited to a place and having no options to what to eat. It is very nice that you are sharing what you are grateful for!

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ~Author Unknown

Pabin Raj Luitel said...

Sorry to hear your problems. I wish you will have a fine life ahead without tragedy and problems.

Louise Banta said...

This is a wonderful challenge. How I wish I've seen it earlier so I can join too.

Honestly, I often forget to say grace before meal and usually, I take photos rather than to give thanks first. This is a great reminder for me to change this attitude for next year.

Mia Foo said...

Hmm, is the SMS which worsen your day something private? I'm abit lost at what has happened and also a little curious. Anyway, migraine sucks! It totally turns you into an invalid until the pain subside. I know how it feels because I get them at times too, and I also get cluster headache yearly... :(

eLaNaKcL said...

Eat to live or live to eat? LOL
It's best if you could live to eat and be grateful of what you had.

Franc said...

It's difficult when you have food restrictions especially if its your favorites. I also feel having food overload in your household as I am in my hometown now and I eat full meals now.

Fyeah Hdr said...

Bless you! Great post. I love the bible verses. You have a positive blog and keep it up.

Yuh Jiun said...

omg thyroid is so sad :( Good luck! And I love your post on the moderation part :D

Eliz Obih-Frank said...

I'm grateful that your saw the blessing in having food on the table to eat. Weight gain can be lost, good food prepared by a loving mom is not always a guarantee.